You’re Engaged! Now.What?!


keep calm

Hey Loves, its the most wonderful time of the year…. ENGAGEMENT season.

It’s happened, you found the love of your life, decided to get married…everything is just peachy– “But Now What?”. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed … and our advice here at d.Royal Engagements…Don’t!  We want to encourage you to break your all of wedding planning down to 3 categories. Over the next few months in honor of  what we like to call d.Royal Engagements Season we will help you see how each category can be tackled with flawless sophistication… with our mini blog series… “You’re Engaged- Now What?…….. so let’s do this!

First things first, create a list of your wedding planning tasks, thoughts and ideas into divide  them these three categories

1. Your Castle and Royal Court:

Your Castle is your venue- where you will get married and celebrate.  If you have not already, booking your venue is the key first step in wedding planning and now is the time. We strongly suggest making your guest list first, as many venues have capacity limits. Then based on the capacity and your guest list you can begin your search with your ideal date in mind. Another key first step is assembling your Royal Court: Wedding Party and Wedding Vendors. Consider this step carefully, you want to build a team that will support you through the entire process. Of course we suggest hiring a wedding planner… you will need a team leader after all!

2 The Proclamation.

At some point you will need to tell people about your plans right? This category includes announcements, wedding websites, save the dates, invitations and guest management.

3.Your Happily  Ever After.

This category includes your must-haves from your Royal Court and your deal breakers for the wedding day. Your budget and the task of discussing and finalizing it also goes here. This is that place for those details that will help you see the complete vision and how you will get there.. the plan, the process and how you will get to your  very own Happily Ever After!

Stay tuned….for the next 3 blogs which will dive into each category and share our advice and support!


XOXOX – Queen Dee

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